We’re not very big.

And that’s by design. Our experience has taught us that being part of a small, boutique firm has distinct advantages:

We get to know our clients – their situations, their needs, and their expectations.

The better we know you, the better we can serve you. We believe that each client’s situation is unique, and therefore our advice and services must be customized to their individual needs. Rather than being required to follow a rigid process or protocol, we have the freedom and flexibility to personalize our response to every situation.

We get to work directly with our clients.

Rather than delegating all of our work to associate attorneys and legal assistants, we prefer to have direct, responsive contact with everyone we do business with. (We have found that, though there are many valuable services a nurse can provide, most of us prefer to consult directly with the doctor.)

We get back to you.

When you call us, we call you back. Occasionally it won’t be until the next day, but normally you’ll hear back from us right away. Maintaining an open, responsive relationship with our clients is key to our success. There may be countless technologies intended to enhance communication, but we still prefer meeting face-to-face or speaking by phone with our clients.

We get to specialize.

A key distinction of our firm is our focus. Rather than trying to be all things to all people, we specialize in our areas of expertise: estate planning, charitable planning, probate, trust administration, business and real estate transactions. If you require legal or other services we don’t offer, we’ll be the first to tell you. (We’ll also be the first to recommend someone who is very competent in that area.)

We get to call our own shots.

When we founded our firm, we wanted the freedom to create an organization that is professional yet personal, one that is responsive but also proactively anticipates our clients’ needs. Just as a local Mom and Pop shop has more autonomy than a big box chain store, we too are unencumbered by obligations to distant corporations or shareholders. Instead, we enjoy the freedom to serve only those who truly matter: our clients.

We get to care.

Though we remain focused on the legal and business aspects of our work, working with people is personal: we take our responsibilities and relationships to heart.

We know the law.

Expertise is born from experience. It comes from education, from practice, and from persistence. Our clients rely on us for our thorough knowledge of the law – and our ability to transform that knowledge into advice and documents that best serve their legal needs.

We do what’s best.

There are no secret formulas or patented processes for serving a client. We have found that the first step in providing exceptional legal representation is to dedicate ourselves to obtaining a comprehensive understanding of our clients’ unique circumstances. We rely on that understanding to proactively create, implement and update your legal services throughout our relationship.

We do what’s right.

It’s not just an obligation – it’s our personal commitment: we will provide you with legal counsel that is in your best interest and is fair, honest, and of the highest ethical standards.